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The first thing I do every morning is read a list goals. At the end of the list I say what I think my life’s purpose Is. It reads “my life’s purpose is to use my artist talents to make people happy”. The question is how do I translate that into this new brand Zilla Grip Tape? It’s motocross frame grip tape! That’s kind of hard to get artsy with. The light bulb went off in my head and I came up with the idea to enhance the media we're using to promote the brand. The social media we post...

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We have over a years worth of time into the development of this product and brand. We're extremely excited to launch this new site and present our hard work to the world. We believe that Zilla is best MX –Dirt Bike frame grip tape on the market and think it will be a valued addition to your motorcycle and ride.We want to thank a few people for helping us get this far.-All of the Zilla Fam members – Thanks for reppin.-Out Families-Corey Allen Films – Thanks for letting us use your media.-Ryan Lea – Thanks for all the product testing.This...

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