Art and Happyness

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Art and Happyness

The first thing I do every morning is read a list goals. At the end of the list I say what I think my life’s purpose Is. It reads “my life’s purpose is to use my artist talents to make people happy”. The question is how do I translate that into this new brand Zilla Grip Tape? It’s motocross frame grip tape! That’s kind of hard to get artsy with. The light bulb went off in my head and I came up with the idea to enhance the media we're using to promote the brand. The social media we post is mostly of our sponsored riders so I'll take those pictures and do something artistically cool them. Hopefully our riders will get a kick out of it. So that's the plan. Here's my first edit of Weston Crumley at Loretta's.

Base Photo by: Jessica Ten Hagen

Sam Holmes at Zilla

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